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Panoramic radiography (also called pan tomography) is the technique that produces a single tomographic image of the facial structures that include both the maxillary and mandibular dental arches and their supporting structures. This is a curvilinear variant of conventional tomography and is also based on the principle of reciprocal movement of the X-ray source and an image receiver around a central plane or point, called the cutting plane, in which the object of interest is located. . Objects in front of or behind this cutting plane are not clearly visible due to their movement relative to the center of rotation of the receiver and x-ray source.

Among the main indications for panoramic radiography, we can mention:


–Assessment of impacted teeth;

–Detection of diseases, injuries and conditions of the jaw;

–Analysis of fractures along the entire length of the mandible;

–Examination of the extent of large lesions;

–Trauma assessment;

–Pre-operative planning of oral and maxillofacial surgeries;

–Assessment of eruption, growth and development patterns;

–Observation of periodontal bone support;

–Evaluation of third molars;

– Checking for dental pathologies and anomalies.

The lack of panoramic radiography can discontinue dental treatment and lead to poor diagnosis of the dental arch (due to the lack of clarity about the bone situation) and make it difficult to plan dental treatment, which can cause its duration to be prolonged.

This type of examination is very safe thanks to modern X-ray equipment, the protection of lead aprons, more sensitive films and digital sensors associated with a low amount of radiation (an amount that is not harmful to health). However, pregnant women should always ask their dentist about the relevance of the exam for the success of their treatment and carry out a risk analysis for the baby's health and development. It is essential to always inform the radiology technician of your condition, so that all necessary safety measures can be taken.

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